Not a big fan of Jazz

Vermeer, woman in yellow
and not much into biopics but I need to see this film!

I don't expect a masterpiece but what a cast!

Vulture says that John Hawkes is quietly marvelous in Low Down.

I say that John Hawkes is marvelous in everything, period.

My favourite American review comes from this site, if only for this:

"So it’s a film about Elle Fanning looking at John Hawkes, in which Ms. Fanning knows she’s watching a master, even if he is not regarded as a great star. We are not smart enough for that."

"In the last few years, Hawkes has done more good work than most other actorsand we have plenty of fine actors."

So true.



Happy to see that Dewey Crowe will be part of it!!!!


Now that's a teaser!!!!

I can't wait!

I also finally found  a promo vid that wasn't area locked. It looks really exciting despite the lack of Arkady Ivanovicth in it!

Dropping by

Just saw the nominations for The Golden Globes.

I watched the excellent Nightcrawler last Staurday so I'm definitely rooting for Jake Gyllenhaal! Great, great performance. It's a shame the movie wasn't nominated, though...I haven't seen the films that are nominated, except Boyhood.

As for the foreign films, both Ida and Leviathan impressed me, but I would probably pick Ida because of its magnificent photography.

I'm disappointed by the nominations for the best drama series (The Good Wife deserves it but the others don't) but happy for Clive Owen who's nominated for The Knick and for Alison Tollman (hopefully if she wins I'll get to use my Molly icon again). BTW it's funny that she's facing Frances McDormand in the mini-serie category!

Speaking of FARGO, I read yesterday that the second season will be taking place in the 70's while Molly is still a toddler and will therefore focus on her father, Lou Solverson. And Kirsten Dunst has been cast as a "a small-town beautician with big city dreams" who is married to a butcher's assistant, played by Jesse Plemons (last seen on Breaking Bad).  Interesting choices!

I hope that Lou will be well-cast!!!!


Vermeer, woman in yellow
I got around to watching the finale of Boardwalk Empire finally...and looks like I'm the only one who were still watching the show for nobody on my flist mentioned it on their journal this season.

The finale brought closure for sure.

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Connected shows

Vermeer, woman in yellow
That's it, I'm all caught up with my tv shows and ready to watch the final episode of Boardwalk Empire on Monday.

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The first season of The Knick ended beautifully and that is definitely a show that I will follow next year. It isn't the best written show ever but the direction is amazing and Clive Owen didn't disappoint.
Oh and the actress who plays Mabel in Boardwalk Empire played Eleanor in The Knick with a similar storyline!
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I did enjoy the second episode of The Affair, and was amused this time when McNulty Noah and Helen went to the ranch and it was revealed that Alison and Cole's last name was...Lockhart! Not because of Diane from The Good Wife, but because of E.R in which Maura Tierney played...Abby Lockhart!

Could tv writers be a bit more creative when it comes to the characters' first and last name?

As for The Good Wife, I didn't find the last episode that well done.

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As expected, FX cancelled The Bridge -- boooo -- but released a teaser for the sixth and final season of Justified !!!

It's all about the hat, and nobody wears it like Raylan Givens.

Hell on Earth

medieval demons
So I went to the movies and finally saw the critically acclaimed Leviathan.

The movie does take its time and it felt a bit long, but I was not bored and there are some memorable characters in it. I didn't love it, and I guess that I will forget about it pretty soon, but I liked it.

The trailer above shows some of the best moments in the movie, including the line about "historical perspective" (which is even better and more pun-y with the French subtitles saying "recul historique" given that they are shooting guns!). I won't spoil you but there's something very classical in the plot which suits the idea that the more things change in Russia (political regimes, presidents, economic system) the more they remain the same.

Also I kept thinking that Alexey Serebryakov who plays Kolia, kinda looked like Sting.

When I left the cinema I didn't know whether I was hangover or craving a glass of vodka with some borscht...probably a little bit of both.


Vermeer, woman in yellow
I loved, loved the latest episode of Doctor Who!

In my book "Flatline" was pretty perfect. Not only it was clever writing as a standalone, but it also offered a lot of continuity and made a lot of sense in the big scheme of things.
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Autoportait ?

Vermeer, woman in yellow
I like photography I don't like selfies.

Call me old-fashioned or reactionary but I don't take selfies and I don't like how it's become a "thing" and what it means about our self-obsessed society, and I hate the trendy word "selfie" even more than I dislike the phenomenon....

...but this one is pretty cool and worth it!

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"I can make it painless and perfect"

Vermeer, woman in yellow
I'm done with marking the first batch of papers  --Tibère was next to me, on the top of his cat tree, and observed the whole process, when he wasn't sleeping or watching pigeons in the street -- which was the easiest to mark, but still it's I rewarded myself with watching the latest episode of The Knick. I knew it was a good episode for I had caught reactions to it on twitter by Sepinwall and Todd VanDerWerff, who said that it gave him Deadwood vibes!

And wow, it's indeed a terrific and thrilling episode. "Get the Rope" was well directed, but also memorable for many reasons. The pace, the tension, the shots!!!! The show was on fire, which makes sense for a riot episode. Once the episode started it never stopped moving and left you breathless. It was E.R set in 1900. I haven't been excited by a tv episode like that since Breaking Bad.

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