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“Sometimes I think of you as mom...

..., and other times just as this interesting person who lives in our house" Zack Florrick said, summing it up.

"Decision Tree" was another terrific episode of The Good Wife, and its ending was perfect!

Julianna Margulies was fantastic, of course, but Josh Charles' amazing performance should get a nod for once. I'm just saying...

[Spoiler (click to open)]The only thing I wasn't very impressed with, was the Kalinda's storyline because it felt so "déjà vu", and the show has used the lesbian scene card more than once and the mise en scène was quite cliché  -- ok the flashback showing Will and Alicia wrapped in a sheet outside was very cliché too...but the actors' chemistry and their performance made it work, and it was part of something bigger and showed through two different perspectives that shed interesting lights on our protagonists/antagonists--. But I'm warming up to Irish Lawyer who is definitely fun.

The highlight of the episode was, Eli's spit aside, the Will/Alicia scenes, meaning the real ones that occurred in court and the ones happening either in our character's memory or in Will's mind as he's drawing his tree of q&a. There were so many facets of both Will and Alicia there. And again Charles was brillant in portraying all the different Wills and in conveying Will's feelings, and his frustration that he couldn't conjure the real Alicia, that she was out of his reach. When he shouted at her and finally said "Stop it. I don't like it when you're weak", it reminded me of that scene Caprica, when Daniel Graystone got angry and lashed out at the Amanda!Avatar he had made up.

My favourite scene might be one of Will's memories though. It shows Will watching Ashbaugh watch Alicia, or rather Will remembering he watched Ashbaugh watch Alicia. What I liked about the scene is that it looked like as if Will were watching himself, realising through the way Ashbaugh looked at Alicia how he must have looked like -- and perhaps what a fool he was --, but since it was a memory you couldn't tell whether it did happen like that or if the Will who was remembering wasn't simply projecting himself in that past scene, invading his past self with his present hurt feelings. By the way the later interpretation is echoed in the fantasy scene when Will lashes out at his fantasy witness mixing up himself with Ashbaugh while talking about her way with men, before finally adressing the way Alicia treated him and broke his heart.

Oh and I also loved that the colour of Alicia's skirt changed in the flashbacks, depending on who was remembering the scene of prep'ing Ashbaugh. It was blueish in Alicia's memory and red in Will's. Will's hand sneaking under the table on her thigh was the same, though. The skirt's colour was such a neat detail, showing stuff instead of telling it. It was very Rashômon-y !!!!

The Good Wife has been great this season.


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4th Dec, 2013 15:14 (UTC)
Yes, it certainly has gotten much better now that Alicia & Company have gone off on their own.

Too bad they found 4 other wills.
7th Dec, 2013 15:26 (UTC)
With all the Will Gardners we saw on screen, it makes sense that the episode ended up with so many wills! ;- )
7th Dec, 2013 16:47 (UTC)
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