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He is back

The return of Justified made my week!

[Spoiler (click to open)]“Hey Raylan..."  "Can I get you a blowjob or something?”

It's the first thing that comes to mind when Raylan Givens shows up in front of you indeed!!!!

:- )

The swimming pool scene was a treat. Raylan's "I'm sorry"; Dewey's stunned reaction; Dewey's vulnerability  -- so small compared to our tall man in the hat, towering him in a threatening way, and completely naked (Dewey, not Raylan alas); Raylan producing the gun from Dewey's robe...and later shooting the pool! I loved it. I'm so happy that Dewey is back!!!!

And Wynn Duffy still watches women playing tennis! Mr Eyebrow is now a regular so I hope we'll get a lot of the excellent Jere Burns.

As for the plots, the Detroit stuff was a bit silly -- although the "that was last week" recurring line was kinda funny --, and I am not convinced by Daryl Crowe yet (funny that all the Crowes boys have a D name), even though it looks like he used Raylan to kill the Cuban guy and therefore seems less dumb than the rest of the family.

Now that Haitian guy who feeds the 'gators, he sounded really nasty.

That said, I think that Raylan mentioned Dewey's money on purpose in front of him, knowing that he would tell Daryl and that the money would lure the Crowes on HIS territory, that is Harlan county.

It's an obvious bait, and Raylan is aiming for a long game here to catch the bad guys. It makes me sad for Dewey though. Raylan kinda likes him but he's still one of the bad guys too so our deputy Marshall is willing to use him against his relatives...or rather to sacrifice him on the altar of the "cause".

In Raylan's book, criminals and outlaws are to be dealt with, no matter how oddly endearing (Dewey) or charming they may be (Shelby/Drew last year), no matter blood bonds (Arlo) or the history one deputy Marshall may have with them (Boyd or even Johnny Crowder).

Speaking of bad guys, I always like it when the show reminds us that, for all his charm, tender ways with Ava, and oratorical skills, Boyd is a gangster and a cold blooded killer (I mean here the men he killed on the bridge, which echoed his first killed in the series' pilot in season 1), and also that he is not that clever, at least not the mastermind he claims to be. Killing Paxton was not a smart move. He let his emotions control him there.

Also, what Paxton said rang true: Boyd, for all his big talk about Ava being the love of his life, never considered taking the blame for her...something Arlo did for him once!

The criminals are usually not into self-sacrifice, but all about greed and surviving. They'd rather betray and sacrifice people around them so the business (either family business or just organized crime business) would go on and their own life would be saved, as proved by Mr Picker sacrificing Sammy Tonin.  They would sacrify them even when they love the people in question, as proved by the murder of Dilly Crowe by his brothers.  In that outlaw/crime world, you can't trust anyone to really have your back and put his own life on the line or freedom for you (Shelby/ Ellen May was so sweet because they were an exception to the rule, but Shelby was a criminal turned law man so...).

We already knew that when Boyd killed Devil after Devil betrayed him. BTW where the heck is Johnny?

When all is said and done, Raylan is the smartest of them all...even if he's chickening out when it comes to fatherhood.  Raylan has flaws and issues, but he's still a good man.



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8th Jan, 2014 18:30 (UTC)
He's very pretty. I still haven't had the time to watch past the first pilot episode!!! I must because I enjoyed it.

We also both enjoyed the pilot of The Americans - thanks for the recommendation.
8th Jan, 2014 19:10 (UTC)
You're welcome!

8th Jan, 2014 19:22 (UTC)
8th Jan, 2014 19:51 (UTC)
Mmm so I was wrong about Raylan intentionally mentioning Dewey's money. He just screwed up.
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