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For Your Eyes Only

medieval demons
Lots of predictable and telegraphed things on the final episode of Penny Dreadful's first season, and some characters don't quite work for me -- mostly Ethan and his storylines, but apart from Vanessa's storyline everything is a bit meh.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Actually, Eva Green carries the show (she does overact from time to time but she's still mesmerizing and quite generous). She has really turned into a magnificent woman. Her mother was pretty but not that beautiful. Her face's profile is perfect, her figure terrific, and she also has a beautiful mouth and magnetic eyes. Fortunately, she didn't inherit her mother's voice... However I noticed that she talks with a much lower voice when she speaks English. Many viewers only watch the show for her.

Vanessa's journey through possession and family-bonds aside, I found that only Victor and Caliban were really interesting and made a great pair, although not as much intriguing as the Vanessa/Sir Malcolm dynamics. The others, not so much.

I have to confess that Billy Piper got on my nerves more than once, as Brona, and I was never sold on Ethan's sudden love for her, so I am not looking forward to the Bride storyline, and the werewolf stuff, that has been so hinted at since the beginning of the season, doesn't make me super excited either. However I couldn't help saying "fucking Pinkertons!" when Ethan was embushed by his father's men.

As for Dorian Gray, he's been a plot device so far, not a "true" character. There was a nice parallel between Caliban and Dorian in "Grand Guignol", though.

That said, I'll watch season 2 if only for Timothy Dalton!

In the meantime, I'll need my fix of green eyed men!

Where is Clive Owen when you need him?


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1st Jul, 2014 04:55 (UTC)
Another show cant get on my UK channel package. I'll have to wait for Netflix to get it I think.
1st Jul, 2014 08:47 (UTC)
Penny Dreadful is rather entertaining, playing with all Gothic horror tropes and famous figures.

And Dalton is so handsome and sexy for a 70 year old guy!
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